was started in early 2002 by a small group of dune enthusiasts from Phoenix, Arizona. This site has just begun and will grow and expand throughout the year with the addition of new items. Please check back.

We are all members of the American Sand Association and work to preserve our riding areas in the Imperial Sand Dunes of southern California and other areas of the country that are being threatened by "conservationists."  We believe that there is no better place to enjoy the use of off-road vehicles than the sand dunes.  There is no threat of erosion from the tracks left by vehicles because the tracks are swept away by wind in a matter of days, what little vegetation and wildlife that survive in the dunes is thriving, and any dust raised by enthusiasts is minor compared to the voluminous quantities of sand whipped into the atmosphere by mother nature's own wind.

Don't get us wrong, we like environmentalists and conservationists- they make for good traction.  We support efforts to preserve our national parks and unique wildlife areas like Yosemite and The Grand Canyon; but sand dunes are good for nothing and used by no one but dune enthusiasts.  Let us use them responsibly.  To paraphrase Lazarus Long, Why is it that organizations that purport to protect the environment are made up of members who believe that a dam built by humans for human use is unnatural and bad, while a dam built by beavers for beavers' use is good?  By disapproving of human structures and activities they show their dislike of humanity, and therefore, their dislike of themselves. Enough already.

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We have a few items for sale on this website displaying the official logo of Major League Duning, and will add more items in the future. All items can be purchased using Paypal or by sending a check or money order.  Please see the ebay Store page for more information.


The Tech page contains information about sandrail buildups, fabrication of miscellaneous items, and other technical information related to sandcars and duning.  This section of the will continue to grow and expand as more items are added in the future.  We welcome any submissions you may have. Please email with your ideas.


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